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Meet the Founders

     We are the best of buds who happen to share a big love for clothes. When we lived together in Austin Texas, every morning getting ready was a dramatic-but-fun struggle. This usually involved shoes being thrown between rooms and an occasional collapse-on-the-bed. The only daily guarantee when it was all over was that our rooms would be a disaster and we would likely be late for work. We would hash out perfect outfits (always comfy ones of course) that we dreamed up in our minds, but we couldn’t seem to find them in real stores. We didn’t have the time to devote to fighting Austin traffic to go treasure hunting around town, so we would usually settle for pieces we didn’t love. SO, we decided to give it a go ourselves!

We wanted to connect with and support girls like us, professional women who want their clothes to reflect their best selves at work and at play.

    With a focus on versatility, quality, and ideas on how to style each piece, we do the hard part for you! We couldn’t be more excited to be on this venture together, and to bring joy to fellow women every day!

Rebekah | Tori 

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